Portraits "Rock" & Co

Alice Cooper
David Byrne
Bowie 77
"American Ways" - Bob Dylan ("33 Imaginary LP’S")
Robert Plant 2017
Thom Yorke - Words/No Words - alternative mix
« 33 IMAGINARY LP’S » : un livre pour votre platine (imaginaire)
Patti aux bijoux (2)
Available soon : "33 IMAGINARY LP’S" !
Thin Red Duke
Iggy "Brou de Noix" Pop (1)
Shadows in a Bob
Patti & les trois lunes
Wake up and Smell the Waters
John Coltrane NY 58
"Le beau Serge"
Arno, Just an "Old Motherfucker"
Debbie, Oh Debbie Harry!
Patti & les bijoux
"And I lit a cigarette for your brother" - P Smith
Rock n’ roll Mirror
Black eyes
Coney Island Reed
Hendrix, Jimi
Patti, "à la française"
A guy called Cash
Shadows in the Cave
Alain Bashung
Syd Barrett
Iggy’s tongue
Keith Skull Guitar
Captain Beyond (Rod Evans)
A (forever) young Dylan
Molko (Placebo)
L’apéro Gainsbourg
Willie Nelson
Robert Plant 1975
Pierrot Bowie
A sleeping Jagger
Daniel "Acadie" Lanois
Jack White
Keith Richards (on Scottex)
Johnny ("Rotten") Lydon
Johnny Winter
London Swinging Jimi
Tom Waits on stage
Patti Smith - For somebody’s sins but...
White Stripes
David Bowie
The Beatles
Tom Waits
Alain Bashung
Ron Wood
Raymond "Pat" Thomas
Mike Oldfield
Jake Bugg
Bruce Springsteen
Brian Eno (with hair ;)
Christophe, oiseau de nuit
Stephan Eicher
Nick Cave
Patti Smith
Around Debbie
A missing Kurt Cobain