Portraits "Rock" & Co

Le beau Serge (2)
Carey Bell
A kind of Buddy Guy [in a Cheese Box]
Lew Tabackin, saxophoniste
John Lee Hooker
John Brim
Les yeux charbon
BB King
Vernissage de l’expo ce 5 avril a Centre culturel de Thuin!
Miles mood
Mark E Smith [The Fall]
Rock Attitudes / Monstres sacrés - l’Expo!
Nicky Blue Eyes
Profil Bashung
Ron Wood
From Bowie To Bowie (1)
Quand Zappa froissé, lui toujours faire ça
Power To The People
A Roxy Brian Ferry
A Guy Called Cash
Patti 77
Alice Cooper
David Byrne
Bowie 77
"American Ways" - Bob Dylan ("33 Imaginary LP’S")
Robert Plant 2017
Thom Yorke - Words/No Words - alternative mix
« 33 IMAGINARY LP’S » : un livre pour votre platine (imaginaire)
Patti aux bijoux (2)
Available soon : "33 IMAGINARY LP’S" !
Thin Red Duke
Iggy "Brou de Noix" Pop (1)
Shadows in a Bob
Patti & les trois lunes
Wake up and Smell the Waters
John Coltrane NY 58
Arno, Just an "Old Motherfucker"
Debbie, Oh Debbie Harry!
Patti & les bijoux
"And I lit a cigarette for your brother" - P Smith
Rock n’ roll Mirror
Black eyes
Coney Island Reed
Patti, "à la française"
Shadows in the Cave
Alain Bashung
Syd Barrett
Iggy’s tongue
A (forever) young Dylan
Robert Plant 1975
Pierrot Bowie
Daniel "Acadie" Lanois
Keith Richards (on Scottex)
Johnny ("Rotten") Lydon
Johnny Winter
London Swinging Jimi
The Beatles
Tom Waits
Ron Wood
Nick Cave
Patti Smith
A missing Kurt Cobain